The Cauldron – Main Characters

Goduvall: Your typical know-it-all deity who demands continued loyalty and sacrifice in the face of all different sorts of difficulties and odds, in exchange for promises of otherworldly happiness, and occasional worldly successes often brought about by his acolytes’ own hard work and diligence but for which he is all too happy to take the credit, and they are insecure and dumb enough to give it,  even as he blames them, and the entire human race, for all the failures they encounter and the hardships they endure, making them feel like pure distilled shit while uplifting the spirit of only those few Machiavellian enough to become his self-appointed spokesmen. Indeed, he seems to be constantly befuddled by them, and by their audacity to actually bargain with him.

Messianikkk: Armed with a messianic complex that is far bigger than the hump on his back, and his mental faculties, Messianik is always eager to question his place in the world and whether he is, indeed, living up to his own and society’s expectations of himself. But in doing this, he is ever ready to fall for the allure of the most facile of answers and always willing to undertake the dirtiest of tasks in the name of all that is Sacred and Holy. For that is essentially his dream, the dream that he can never vouchsafe to anyone, not even himself: to touch the Face of Goduvall. 

Nostiko: A very simple and wise man.

Bullytiko: Your typical cynical and opportunistic political apparatchik who enjoys the limelight and the perks of his position, and is “in it” for himself, and will spare nothing and no one to fulfill his ambitions. 

Cyniko: Your typical cynical and opportunistic political adviser. He spends most of his time living in the shadows enjoying the relative immunity afforded him by his lackluster position. Let other behave with impunity, he believes, and let me reap the benefits of anonymity. He gets enough rewards to be happy, and none of the blame for any fuckups resulting from his council. Goduvall himself pays much deference to Cyniko. 

Garulus: A simple man who just wants to enjoy life. But he can be too self-indulgent at times, perhaps a little insensitive to the needs of others, and often too indifferent to the ugly realities around him. For he deeply believes that nothing ever changes, so why bother trying to change anything? In a sense, he is the ultimate cynic, but his total embrace of cynicism allows him to find joy in it, rather than peace or serenity. Goduvall, Messianik and Bullitico find him insufferable, while Cyniko, and even Nostiko, secretly envy him.

Konskript: The typical draftee soldier who fights because he realizes that he really has no choice in the matter. But, given a choice, he actually prefers not to fight, and most importantly, he always prefers not to be killed.

Mesobitshi: A daughter of privilege who is rumored to be one of many illegitimate children fathered by Bullytiko, Mesobitshi is perennially starving for attention, any kind of attention, and is willing to do anything to get it. Her tragic disposition makes her vulnerable to all manner of abuse. But since she insists on living in state of perennial denial, any attempt at helping her is always shrugged off. Meanwhile, she compensates for her pain by being obnoxiously rude to everyone. 

Blaquidoma: A widow and a mother whose hard experiences filled her with a bitter sense of cynicism and self-loathing. If she wants anything in this life is for her pain to stop, and as she struggles to get there, she seems wise and compassionate on occasions, but quite angry and vindictive on others. She is, indeed, a walking contradiction. There's nothing that anyone can do to ensure getting on her good side. It's always up to her to show it.

Preetshur: The High Priest of the Holy Structure of Goduvall. A true believer to the point where, like all true believers, he can freely yet quietly engage in all manners of blasphemy and impure practices. After all, like all true believers, he believes that he has a “special connection” with Goduvall. Inheriting the title of High Priest of the Holy Structure of Goduvall as a result of a variety of highly amoral and immoral schemes, including, but not restricted to, fiscal impropriety, treason, adultery and murder, is a case in point. 

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